Frontiers of Science eTALK: Reprogramming T cells with CRISPR

Marson portrait, copyright UCSF

Alexander Marson gives a Frontiers of Science eTALK on CRISPR

Second speaker of autumn 2020 in Frontiers of Science eTALK seminar series is Associate Professor Alexander Marson from University of California San Francisco, US. He has been invited to give a zoom-talk “Reprogramming T Cells with CRISPR” on November 5th at 18:00. 

Registration is open until November 3rd

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You can share a cup of virtual coffee with him after the seminar, without senior scientists and bosses around. Register to the seminar and send an email to


The goal of Marson's lab is to understand genetic circuits that control human immune cell function in health and disease. They employ genomic techniques to map epigenetic circuits that establish highly specialized cell identities. Marson's team have begun to identify autoimmunity risk variants that disrupt immune cell circuits, and how pathogenic circuits may be targeted with novel therapeutics. His lab has developed new tools for CRISPR genome engineering in primary human T cells and they are now pursuing a comprehensive strategy to test how coding and non-coding genetic variation controls functional programs in the immune system. Genome engineered human T cells hold great potential for the next generation of cell-based therapies for cancer, autoimmunity, and infectious diseases.


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