KABI4004: Applied photosynthesis research


The course begins 4 March 2019

Learning outcomes: A student passing this course will have knowledge in basic concepts of bio-refineries as a part of the circular economy, and the contribution of photosynthetic organisms to blue and green biorefineries.

Working life skills: Students will learn selected basic analytical techniques required for detecting and quantifying end-products, they will practice some calculation exercises related to industrial production, and gain insight to the current state of bio-industries and future possibilities. 

Content: Photosynthesis as a starting point for biorefineries; photosynthetic organisms as a source of food, feed, and fuel; bottle-necks and strategies to improve cost-effectiveness of bio-based production systems; detection methods for assessing the value of different end-products (lipids, carotenoids, H2 gas etc).

Responsible teacher: Assoc. ProfYagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne 

Registration by Nettiopsu or by sending an email to allahve@utu.fi