416511.0 Biorefinery – Application of Chemical Engineering Principles

Organizer: ÅA

The aim of the course is to
-give an introduction to the concept of biorefinery as part of a circular economy
-illustrate the use of chemical engineering in biorefineries
-provide students with a basic information about different biorefinery concepts and the related technical challenges.

The course will introduce
-the basic components of different biomass types
-different biomass conversion pathways such as fractionation, pyrolysis, and gasification as well as subsequent upgrading.

For PhD and MSc students

Lectures will be full-day, April 9th – 12th
First lecture April 9th 2018, starting at 09:15
Maria Zevenhoven
Anna Sundberg
Dmitry Murzin
Stefan Willför
Pedro Fardim / Jan Gustafsson
Patrik Eklund
Markus Engblom

– 4 full days of lectures (9.-12.4.2018)
– Assignment: Study of biorefinery concept
– Seminar on 27.4. 13:30 + end report (11.5.)
– Written exam: Date to be set on 9.4.2018

Glaset on 4th floor of Axelia (ÅAU, Piispankatu 8)

ÅAU students should register in MinPlan, others may send an email to mzevenho@abo.fi.
PhD students other than ÅAU need to fill out a JOO application (www.joopas.fi)

Registration dead line is April 3rd 2018

In case you have some questions Maria Zevenhoeven can give you more information ( mzevenho@abo.fi )


Welcome everybody!