Cellulose – What could be more “bio”, “nano”, or “med”

Organizer: ÅA

Registration: Please register by email to swillfor@abo.fi no later than April 13th (13.4.2017)


Wednesday 26.4

9.00-12.00                    Introduction seminar and assignments, prof. Stefan Willför and docent Anna Sundberg

Seminar content includes: What is cellulose (occurrence in plants, basic structure, conventional pulping, bleaching)


Thursday 27.4

13.00-16.00     Seminar, prof. Stefan Willför and prof. Cecilia Sahlgren

Seminar content includes: Nanocellulose and biocomposites, 3D bioprinting, nanocellulose for cell growth applications


Tuesday 2.5

13.00-16.00    Seminar, prof. Stefan Willför, and prof. Malin Brännback

Seminar content includes: The use of cellulose in 3D bioprinting for biomedical applications, market potential


Friday 5.5                             

9.00-12.00     Seminar, prof. Thomas Rosenau and prof. Mikael Lindfelt              

Seminar content includes: Bacterial cellulose, Lyocell, cellulose aging, cellulose solvents, ethical considerations



Monday 8.5

9.00-12.00   Seminar, prof. Thomas Rosenau and docent Anna Sundberg                

Seminar content includes: Basic and advanced analysis of cellulose (including oligomers) and chromophores, cellulose structure, cellulose allomorphs and their interconversion


Wednesday 10.5

9.00-12.00     Workshop: presentations of assignments, feedback for final report


Deadline for final report (sent by e-mail to swillfor@abo.fi):

Friday 26.5 at 16.00