DS00CJ20-3001 – Modern analytical tools for pulp, paper and biorefinery


November 29th – December 3rd (students)
November 30th – December 2nd (industry)


This course will present recent analytical techniques for pulp and paper. It is a combined course for PhD students and researchers from industry and research institutes. For students, who want to earn 5 credits (ECTS) for the course, there will be lectures and workshops starting on Monday the 29th of November and ending at noon on Friday the 3rd of December. We strongly recommend that students should have at least a basic knowledge of wood/biomass chemistry and analytical methods before registering.

For industry representatives, that want to learn about the top-of-the-art analytical tools but do not need credits, the course begins at Tuesday the 30th and ends at noon on Thursday the 2nd.


Course leaders
Prof. Chunlin Xu, Docent Anna Sundberg,
Laboratory of Natural Materials Technology, research group of Wood and Paper Chemistry

Contact information
Professor Chunlin Xu
Åbo Akademi
Laboratory of Natural Materials Technology
Henrikinkatu 2, FIN-20500 Turku

Course venue
Åbo Akademi University, Aurum, Henrikinkatu 2, FIN-20500 Turku, Finland

Course fee
-PhD students from other Finnish Universities with JOO-agreement Free
-PhD students from other countries 200€
-Representatives from industry and research institutes 500€
-Others, please contact Prof. Chunlin Xu

The course fee includes lectures, course material, coffee & tea during the breaks, and course get-together (on Tuesday evening).

-Representatives from industry and research institutes, register by November 20th by e-mail to Chunlin.Xu@abo.fi
– Students at Åbo Akademi register through Peppi and by sending an e-mail to Chunlin.Xu@abo.fi
– PhD students from Finnish universities with the JOO-agreement: Register to the course by November 20th by e-mail to Chunlin.Xu@abo.fi and by filling in the electronic JOO-application at www.joopas.fi and then send the signed and recommended form to Chunlin Xu. If you come from a university that does not yet use the electronic JOO-application, fill in the application in paper form (can also be found at www.joopas.fi), get your own university to recommend you, and then send the signed, recommended form to Chunlin Xu.
-Others, register by November 15th by e-mail to Chunlin.Xu@abo.fi
– Note! there are a limited number of participants

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o Information about Turku/Åbo can be found at http://www.turku.fi/ and

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact Prof. Chunlin Xu! See you in November!


Preliminary Course Contents
• Sampling, pre-treatment and extraction of different samples (wood, pulp, paper, waters, deposits), Chunlin Xu, ÅA
• Analysis methods for industry from a chemical company’s point of view”, Jonas Konn, Kemira
• Lipophilic and hydrophilic extractives – a mess without appropriate analyses, Anna Sundberg, ÅA
• Analysis of cellulose, hemicelluloses and pectins: cleaving and chromatography, Anna Sundberg, ÅA
• SPME – A versatile technique for methanol, volatile terpenes, odorous compounds, cognac aroma etc, Andrey Pranovich, ÅA
• Sensor technology for on-line analysis, Johan Bobacka, ÅA
• Polymerized extractives, Anna Sundberg, ÅA
• Analysis of DisCo in papermaking, Anna Sundberg, ÅA
• Molar mass determinations, Chunlin Xu, ÅA
• Fiber properties -standard and advanced analysis of fibers, pulp and paper, Jan Gustafsson, ÅA
• Barrier and packaging – classifications and analytical methods, Kumar Vinay, VTT
• Flow cytometry, Lari Vähäsalo, CH Bioforce
• Lignin analysis and some microanalytical techniques, Andrey Pranovich, ÅA
• Pyrolysis and thermal chemolysis combined with GC and GC-MS, Andrey Pranovich, ÅA
• NMR spectroscopy, Patrik Eklund, ÅA