KABI4022-30001 / TK00CL91-3001 – Towards Bio-based Finland

Towards Bio-Based Finland Course
KABI4022-30001 (UTU)

TK00CL91-3001 (ÅAU)

15-17 May 2023, on-site only
Pharmacity, Pha2 lecture room
Aurum, Argentum auditorium
Smart Chemistry Park, Raisio

A student participating this course will get knowledge in the basic concepts of bio-economy and circular economy and will learn about different industrial companies operating in the field in Finland and abroad. Moreover, the students will learn about R&D related to bio-economy and of the transfer of knowledge from academy to industry and back. Working life skills: Students will learn about R&D and operation in different chemical/biochemical industrial companies, and gain valuable information about company activities, start-ups and career possibilities. Direct interaction with industry representatives will stimulate critical thinking, lively discussion and create network with industry professionals. The course includes one-day excursion to the Smart Chemistry Park in Raisio, which is South Western Finland’s technology innovation park largely devoted to bioeconomy and cleantech. Bus transportation to Raisio is arranged.

Academic lecturers                              Industry lecturers
Yagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne                      Andrea Gutierrez
Henrik Grénman                                          Maija Pohjakallio
Saija Huuskonen                                          Daniel Solymosi                                                      
Pauli Kallio                                                    Marjaana Suorsa
Susanna Wallenius


The course lasts three full days and requires full attendance but in case of colliding events students need to be in contact with the responsible teachers in advance. The course is intended for advanced Master students as well as for PhD researchers.

More information from responsible teachers:
Prof. Yagut Allahvediyeva-Rinna (allahve@utu.fi)
Prof. Henrik Grénman (henrik.grenman@abo.fi)


Detailed program for the course is visible here, click!