KE00CG69-3001 – Biorefinery

Organizer: ÅAU

If you want to dive in deeper into biorefineries and chemical engineering
take a look at this course


Also, this is a great complimentary course to “Towards bio-based Finland”


The aim of the course is to

  • link in a versatile way the concept of biorefinery as part of a circular economy
  • illustrate the use of chemical engineering in biorefineries
  • provide students with basic information about different biorefinery concepts and the related technical issues


After the course, the student should be able to explain the concepts of circular economy and biorefinery, present and describe a biorefinery concept of his/her own choice, apply chemical engineering tools to the biorefinery concept, apply principles of chemical engineering on biomass conversion to products, chemicals, and energy critically assess the advantages and disadvantages of a biorefinery. Since the course is given as an intensive course, presence during the lectures is very important.


The student will learn to

  • work in teams
  • perform a proper literature search
  • combine knowledge from different fields
  • report and present project progress
  • give and receive positive feedback


ÅAU students can enroll in via Peppi
Students from other institutions, please contact the responsible teacher

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