BioCity Turku collaborative research funding call

Do you have a good research idea in mind you would like to take a closer look at?
If yes, keep on reading!


BioCity Turku opens a call for research funding for all BioCity Turku research groups. The applied funding is intended for new openings promoting research on emerging topics in molecular life sciences and biomedicine. Optimally several research groups participate in the project and it includes interdisciplinary approaches. The funded projects are also encouraged to organize training/lectures open for BioCity Turku researchers and graduate students.  


  • Typical grants will be about 10 000 €. Funding period is May 2021 – December 2021. All received funding must be used during 2021.


  • Funding is intended for consumables, services and small instruments. Expenses of visiting / remote lecturers can be covered. Stipends can be paid in special cases only if the university rules and guidelines allow it.


  • Application period is March 22nd – April 11th 2021.


  • BioCity Turku Board will evaluate the applications and decide which projects will be funded. The result will be announced on BioCity Turku web page by the end of April 2021.


One-page application as .pdf must include

  • Background of the work
  • Preliminary actions and budget
  • Research groups involved in the project
  • Contact person


Send your application latest during Sunday April 11th 2021 to