Call open for SmartBIO travel grants 2020

SmartBIO travel grants are now open for all SmartBIO PhD students and postdocs to apply

Now it is possible to apply also for e-conferences/courses.

Maximum amounts given for travel are 800 € for overseas and 500 € for Europe.
Funding can be granted for travel costs, accommodation and participation fees. Active participation in the meeting (talk/poster) is needed.

Please apply through this link!

If you plan to travel  you will be asked to leave a report of your trip afterwards. It needs to include:

  •  a short summary of the meeting (max 250 words)
  •  your mode of participation (name of the poster/talk)
  •  What did you learn, how did the meeting benefit your research
  •  How was the allocated money used

further information from Maija Lespinasse