Secure your spot in SmartBIO Early-Career Researcher Symposium

Remember to register to the SmartBIO Early-Career Researcher Symposium which this year will take place in December. The networking event is intended for students and early-career postdocs within SmartBIO Research Program at UTU and ÅAU. We encourage particularly all new SmartBIO members to join the day! The full-day event will be held:

@place: Herrankukkaro, Naantali, Finland
@date: 15th December, 2022
@time: 8:30 – 22:00

During the day you will have warm-up networking flash talks, workshop and networking. Your day will end up with the world’s largest smoke sauna and outside spa with hot tubs, as well as a get-together dinner in Herrankukkaro with food and drinks. Bus transportation will be arranged in both directions. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit!

Register at latest Sunday 4th December
Registration link has been sent tot the whole SmartBIO team via email.


Looking forward to see you all in Herrankukkaro!

Matias Alvear (,
Veronika Badazhkova (
Roland Ndeh (
Gabor Toth (

Feel free to drop your concerns anytime!