Towards bio-based Finland: Invited lecturers

UTU and ÅAU are arranging together a course Towards bio-based Finland in April 20-22, 2021.

The list of speakers is now published, and here they are


Industry lecturers

Maija Pohjakallio, Sulapac Ltd.
Lari Vähäsalo, CH Bioforce
Antoine Mialon, Metgen
Aino-Maija Lakaniemi, Neste Oy
Blanka Toukoniitty, Neste Oy
Elina Peltomaa, Algonomi
Linda Fröberg-Niemi, Smart Chemistry Park


Academic lecturers

Eva-Mari Aro, University of Turku
Markku Kulmala, Univesity of Helsinki
Henrik Grénman, Åbo Akademi University
Yagut Allahverdiyeva, University of Turku
Chunlin Xu, Åbo Akademi University
Pauli Kallio, University of Turku
Tekla Tammelin, FinnCERES Flagship
Mikko Pohjola, Univeristy of Turku


Stay tuned for the final programme, which will be out soon here in SmartBio web pages!

If you want more details on this Indusrty meets Academia -course take a look from here.